Enjoy your youth with Youth Pass

The Youth Pass is a free mobile application, exclusively dedicated to young Moroccans, which provides discounts and facilitates access to many cultural, entertainment, sports, transportation, health, commercial and banking services throughout the country.

« Youth Pass », what is it?

« Youth Pass » is a free application, exclusively dedicated to young Moroccans and foreigners residing in Morocco, aged between 16 and 30. This application offers discounts, freebies and other advantages which facilitate access to numerous cultural, sports, transport, banking services, etc., throughout the national territory.

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Why « Youth Pass » ?

Through the Youth Pass, the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communication and its partners aim to facilitate young people's access to culture, transport, sport, recreational activities and other services


Access museums and historical monuments for free and discover the cultural richness and historical depth of Morocco


Benefit from a significant reduction on your travel expenses and enjoy your social and economic life


Practice your favorite sport at the lowest cost and enjoy your free time.

How does it work ?

1I download the app

Download the app via Google Play or App Store and discover the great offers available to you.

2I sign up

Register by filling out a form which allows both to create your account and to request your “Pass Jeune”

3My account is activated

Your account is activated. You can immediately consult our cultural offers (historical monuments, museums, etc.), sports (football fields, basketball courts, etc.), transport (Tramway, train, etc.), etc.

4My « Youth Pass » is valid

Your request is accepted. You receive, within a maximum of 7 days, a notification informing you that your « Youth Pass » is valid. All you have to do is enjoy your offers.

Our partners

How to become a partner?
Contact the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communication (MJCC) and submit your offers. When you sign a partnership agreement with the MJCC, you officially become a « Youth Pass » partner. You will be provided with partner access to allow you to publish your offers.
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